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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
It is good, and I like it mixed with other meat like chuck and sriloin. Straight up ground brisket isn't quite the right texture for me, which the chuck and particularly the sirloin help out with. Just as an FYI, when I cook straight ground brisket, I find it is better when cooked well done than medium or less. Just and interesting tidbit of my own personal insight based on my own personal tastes (your mileage may vary).

That's exactly what I did. I ground an even amount of chuck to mix with it. I also cooked the burgers indirectly for about 10 minutes and then finished about 3-4 minutes a side over the coals at a low to medium low heat. They were definately in the well done category but still very juicy and tender. I took them there for the exact reasons you described.

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