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Originally Posted by maunder View Post
thank you bigabyte, have you ever done this experiment mixing several ingredients together to see if some kind of reaction took place between them causing them to burn? Or perhaps have you tried pork fat in the presence of these ingredients to see if the heated fat reacted with the ingredients to cause burning? I might try to just sprinkle my rub and place in 250 degree oven for 6 hours to see what happens, and also try that with some pork fat sprinkled with the rub to see if there is a difference. Hmmm, now did I take those trimmings out to the trash already tonight?
As for the pork fat, these experiments were done with pieces of Boston Butt, also known as shoulder cut Country Style Ribs, basically a Boston Butt cut down to smaller pieces. So, yes, it was tested with the exact same piece of meat as a pork butt, same meat, same fat, etc.

I used these results to combine in many different ways, in terms of making rubs, using slathers, sauces, etc. So in that sense, I have combined them, but have not tested the formulaically as presented here because there are too many possibilities. Every possible combination of all of these tests is a number well beyond the possibility for me to test in my backyard over several lifetimes.
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