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Default Superbowl Ribs with Pron

So I decided to see how my rib skills had come along as well as try out a new marinda, rub, and sauce that I'd been eyeballing (Wicked Good BBQ) and I like to say I did pretty good. The rub was a bit more sweet than I liked so next time I'll be adding a little more spice and cutting back on the Turbinado a little. Still want the sweet but with some heat.

Ribs I got form Restaurant Depot - were pretty decent cuts and the I did strip the silver skin off the back, which is getting easier every time I do it. PRACTICE! Got the Ribs trimmed and in marinade (marinaded for 3 hours).

Pulled them out of the fridge, patted them dry, applied the rub, pressed the rub to the meat, and let them sit while I got the Pit up to 250.

Cooked the ribs with Royal Lump Coal and Peach Wood chunks. Would have used my Pecan, but for some reason it was a little wet. Cooked ribs for 3 hours (2 hours meat up, and 1 hour meat down) uncovered in the beautiful smoke at around 250-260. Then pulled them off for the first wrapping and additional flavor.

They went back on the pit for about 75 minutes (had to wait for the bones to start pulling away right). Then I pulled them off.

I was happy with the color and the over all cook. The ends are a little dark do to known heat issues with my pit which is finally being replaced in a few short weeks.

Wrapped em up in two layers of foil, then in a large beach towel then in the cooler they went for about an hour.

I meant to take some pics after they were cut up but the guys pounced on them like starving jackals. Over all the feedback was:
1. Spot on tenderness - bite mark was perfect
2. Color was good
3. Bark and smoke ring good
4. Sweet was great but everyone found it lacking some heat. Since I made a large batch of the rub I have already corrected this with the addition of 2 heaping Tablespoons of my buddy's personal mix called Trimix (has Habanero, Jalapeno, and a few other things in there - really freaking nom nom nommy in my book) which should solve this problem nicely.

Let me know what y'all think.

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