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Default What not to do.

So, I was cooking some chicken wings for tonight on the WSM. As I was pouring water into the water pan, I had a seemingly brilliant thought...If I only added enough water for the first part of the cook, when the water ran out the temp would automatically ramp itself up and crisp up the skin nicely. Just before two hours into the cook, the water runs out, the temp starts to rise, and the chicken fat that had rendered out into the water-pan starts to hit the smoke point. Billowing nasty smelling smoke pouring out of the smoker. I quickly grabbed a gallon of hot water, pulled the racks (wings and all) and refilled the waterpan. Sauced the wings (1/3 of the wings teriaki, 1/3 in sweet chili sauce, and 1/3 in butter and crystal hot sauce) Fortunately the wings tasted great. Who knew that Smoked chicken wings, bean dip, and homemade chocolate chip cookies (thanks to my daughter) would go well with Downton Abbey?
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