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Yeah I will probably take the second pipe off and place it on my stainless model.

The thing is... and many of you with brains and reading comprehension above a 7th grader have been writing me and telling me... yes, I have been on the side of the PBC... a little funky, but the intelligent got it....and no, I speak not of ones that were simply "offended" by equating the PBC owner with having a larger schlong than the UDS owner... I get that.

Of course if you think hard on it... could I have not bought a damn PBC or BDS in 2008 and have been USING it instead of moving it over the miles and all over the garage until I had the time or spare money to contruct a UDS? Someone is in the same situation now I was in.

I know I have a writing style that intentionally obfuscates a bit so you have to really look to see what I am saying but in a thread a while back... I think the one where I even defended a brethren that I do not get along with because I thought it was wrong someone insinuated he might be in cahoots with the PBC company, well I will say it more directly. I said he wasn't. Look, piddling is fun... but some of us have good intentions but not enough time to get the project done. And who says you can't lay down a hungred bucks or so and not buy a BPS kit, or fully made D-Meat Smoker, Pit Barrel Cooker or BDS and tweak that. heck we have two that have already started the tweaking.

I can say one thing.... you can piddle with your instrument all day long but if the game ain't right you won't be getting any trophies. So Build one if you want, but eventually you will need that time back to perfect your rub, technique, etc.

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