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Originally Posted by Stoke&Smoke View Post
I can't see the ones last post, but the ribs are looking good!

I havent fired up the egg since last spring. The gasket's shot, but that didn't stop me from throwing a bunch of rib tips on this morning, after shovelling off the deck and brushing off the egg cover. Will be doing wings later. Also have fresh made guac, pico de gallo, and a New Orleans "BBQ" shrimp recipe. the recipe really isn't bbq as it's done in the oven, but this one will be done in the egg!

Also have some crab cakes to do if we get around to it, we'll see. (hell lthere's only two of us!) Will post pics, likely tomorrow!

Enjoy your Super Bowl noshing all!
Let me repost them and try again... sounds like you got a great menu over there as well!!!
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