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Originally Posted by ButtBurner View Post
that was one I was considering. It gets good reviews and mods on Amazing Ribs, also it gets good reviews on Walmart and Amazon. It gets 4 1/2 starts on Walmart, 110 reviews. I have not seen one in person though so I was still a bit leery about it

I am still going to look again closer at the OK Joe at Lowes, I do some welding so I know what a good weld looks like. I am just curious is all
The biggest problem with the new Joe is that the fire box isn't tight( the feed door) If the fire box aint tight you can't control the heat. If you have a welder flanging the door and the opening will fix the problem, I would weld the firebox on as well it also need a baffle to eliminate a BIG hot spot. The uneducated see the name and assume it is it's predecessor and is a steal IMO it is the OKJ folks are robbing the public. At 1/2 the price it is still to expensive for what your getting, your paying for the name.
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