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  • The biggest advantage of hanging meat is that you don't have to worry about a sear. With large cuts you can trim away all fat and get more bark. With poultry, you can hang them dark meat up and still have a pretty breast when you flip it over to serve. You also get great smoke penetration all around.
  • Another perceived advantage is that I think the juices render out better and meat cooks up more tender. This could be all in my head, but I think gravity does some cool things.
  • Finally, I think it's faster to get meat in and out of the cooker.

There are disadvantages too:

  • First, you have to have an appropriate cooker to hang meat. Horizontals won't fly, and even verticals need enough space.
  • For large cuts, hanging meat does not make as much use out of available space, so you can cook less meat when hanging.
  • Hooks and harnesses aren't free, so there's a cost involved.
  • Not all meats should be hung! There are some people who do it, but I don't hang briskets, as an example.

With this device, the pros and cons are pretty much the same as above. It's designed to work with a kettle lid, so if you don't have one, you may not appreciate it as much as the rest, but at the end of the day, it's a good product.

EDIT: I should say that I had a Cajun Bandit for about two years, and once I got this device, I never used the grates. To be fare though, I probably used it 5-10 times in that timespace (too many cookers). I've since sold the CB, but I kept the meat hanger because it's just that darned good.

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