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Default First pork shoulder

We were going to just stay home for the Super Bowl and have a quiet night watching the game. So I had bought my first shoulder to try on my relatively new UDS. However, we ended up getting invited to a friends house for the game. Decided not to give up on the it, even though I'll be experimenting on someone besides my family!

Right out of the packaging untrimmed. About 6lbs of goodness (I hope!)

Trimmed and seasoned. Seasoning is roughly equal parts kosher salt and course ground pepper with about smidge of onion powder and garlic powder as measured carefully by eye. I'm not big on measuring things when cooking.

Put it on the UDS at about 6am. Temp spiked up to about 320* in first 20-30 mins, but got it dialed back to about 290* right now. It was dark out and I was still 3/4 asleep when I put it on, so didn't get pics of it right away. I'll get a pic in about an hour when I take my first look and pull the nekkid fattie I threw on with it so it wouldn't be lonely.

Wish me luck.
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