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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Originally Posted by BruceKWHP View Post
I like an exhaust you can close off, rain not usually a problem in Los Angeles... but I have smoked with an umbrella over the UDS.

is it a throttle body?

Yes. as long as you can regulate the intake to fully closed it should work.

After a cook I like to shut the intake and exhaust fully, that puts the fire out and saves the charcoal for another cook (or 2!)
Yes, it is a throttle body and it closes fully. I just need to have something sturdy that goes against the strength of the spring on it, so it stays open nicely. I don't have anything to close the exhaust yet, but that shouldn't be all to hard to cap off. Might even try and get a large cork to fit it.

Now the next challenge is to find an old que, as they are expensive here and real hard to find in February. Nobody here thinks about barbecue until well in May...
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