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If I have one complaint it is that there is no way to shut it down. You have to let the fire burn out or deal with dumping live fire out of it. At home that's not a big deal except it's burning more fuel, but if I wanted to use it at a comp I would have to dump the fire in order to cool it off to pack up.
I'm a HUGE fan of the PBC... just did 2 chickens tonight...the people that ate it were BLOWN away. Hands down the BEST chicken they have ever had, period! :)

However, the "not shutting her down after a cook" thing does kind of bug me. Thinking I'm gonna try something... going to get a few flat "refrigerator" style magnets to put over the holes after a cook. Just pull out rebar and place magnets, and put one that is considerably larger than hole on bottom...thinking that just may choke it out. I hope!
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