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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Default Butts on the OTG (PRON)

Put these two butts (both bone in and about 5 lbs.) on at about 10:30. Have been keeping the cooker temps at about 225-250. Will keep updating as I finish.
bbq pics 006.jpg
bbq pics 007.jpg
Here are the Boston Butts. Just from local grocery store on sale nothing special.
bbq pics 009.jpg
Here they are rubbed up.
bbq pics 011.jpg
This is how I set up my OTG. Top vents all the way open bottom just BARELY open. 12 lit briquets to start the "snake". Peach wood then apple then finish it with a kiss of pecan.
bbq pics 016.jpg
Here they are on the grill
bbq pics 019.jpg
this is after 3 hours. This is the first time I opened it. Did a spritz here also.
bbq pics 021.jpg
Here it is after 5 hours. Second time I opened it. Another spritz.
bbq pics 023.jpg
Here it is after 7 hours. Third time I opened it. AAAAAND another spritz.

It has now been 8.5 hours and Internal Temp is 192 (on one of them anyway. Will be probe checking for tenderness at 195. See ya then.
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