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Default FTPBC First Cook (Lots of pictures)

That would be my Fear The Pig Barrel Cooker

I decided to fire up the PBC for the first time today. I bough a couple of whole chickens that were about 5 lbs each and split them. I gave them a nice rub down with olive oil and the Pit Barrel Cooker All Purpose Seasoning that came with the PBC (it was sitting on the counter).

I put the PBC hooks into the chicken halves...

While the rub was rehydrating I set the PBC up on the front sidewalk (it's a nice, level spot and was free of snow).

Here's a good shot of the air intake for those who have been asking...

I sprayed the inside with Pam spray and set up the charcoal basket. I still have half a pallet of Rancher hardwood briquettes so I decided to be a renegade and use them

I put 15 or so briquettes in my Weber chimney and lit them with a Weber starter cube. I used the charcoal basket from my BWS Party to put the chimney on.

For the charcoal basket I loaded it with Rancher and buried a chunk of cherry wood and put one on top.

10 minutes later the charcoal in the chimney was almost ready...

A few minutes later I dumped it into the PBC on top of the unlit charcoal and wood...

20 minutes later the fire was going pretty good so I put the chicken halves in...

I went in to clean up the chicken mess and came out about 30 minutes later to check on things.

The PBC was smoking lightly out of the holes where the rebar rods go...

I brought out my super fast, super stealthy black Thermapen and decided to check the outside temperature...

I also checked the PBC temp through one of the rebar holes...

More to come in a bit
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