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Default ribs in a hurry!!!

At 10:45 am this morning we compiled a last minute menu for dinner. Consensus was ribs. Ok no problem I can do this. Then I got the oh ya, dinner must be at 3:30 pm. Wow, off to the store. Spares or baby backs? Baby backs are smaller and tend to cook faster. Bring them home and throw on counter. Run out to grab UDS out of shop. Now I have not used the UDS since thanksgiving, open it up and has left over lump in it. Great. I start about 20 pieces for a hotter smoke( in a hurry here ). Now I usually use the can in the middle of the basket trick, no time for that so I throw the red hot on top and let the UDS get up to temp. Then I notice no smoke, Dang I forgot wood. Run out to shed, nothing but mesquite, guess it will have to work. Chuck some on top, not optimal as I usually burry it down a bit. As the drum is coming up to temp I run in and prep ribs. No time to remove unwanted membranes so I score and go for rub, oh no, not enough rub. I rub in what I have and grab salt and pepper to finish. Drum up to 250* so I throw on ribs and will let the temps climb more as I get to cooking. I got ribs on at 12:15 pm.

Now I know this sounds like rambling but that is how the morning has gone and the problems that go with a hurried process. We will see how the ribs turn out.
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