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Originally Posted by jrn View Post
Come DOWN to Memphis? That's gonna be a little tough since Dickinson, Texas is on the Gulf Coast!
Maybe it is Down... it was the White man that set where North be up off at anyway.

The Hottest I ever was, was in Memphis, in maybe August, at 11:00 PM. The wife and I ate at I think it was Butcher Chop Block or shop... anywhere you chose and spiced up your own steak... I asked them to do it.... anyway, the air was out and that place was close to the river I thought.... my back was to the brick grill... whew.

memphis is ALSO the place I started liking ribs. Rendevous. Before in Texas, when there is brisket, ribs are a big hassel with that bone in the way. I lived in Smithville for a few years so no one cooked brisket and I dealt with the ribs. Love em. My wife is from Memphis.

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