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Originally Posted by IamMadMan View Post
Unfortunately an offset for that price is not going to be of great quality. This is made by charbroil and I believe they are made in China now. I would surmise that the emphasis on quality has been lost, but that's my personal opinion.

Most well built offsets will be larger and will probably use reverse-flow in an effort to keep the cooking chamber more evenly heated and a more uniform application of smoke.

Check Craig's List for used offsets, that way you will not feel disappointed because of what you spent on a cheap offset. However some of these can be modified to perform very well if you have the time and ability to do the work on the smoker.

Bottom line is search and look at what a good horizontal smoker is priced at, then compare it to the Charbroil OK Joe. You will see that you get what you pay for.

Try building a UDS if the budget and you space is limited. Surprisingly enough these produce some great BBQ food items.

actually just because its made in China doesnt mean anything anymore. Some Weber stuff is made in China. My 2 WSM clones are made in China, they are very nice cookers.

I did not look real close at the OK, just because its too big for me

I think the best thing is just to stay away from the grill dept when I visit Lowes LOL

I will just keep an eye on CL and see if anything pops up.

I was wondering if anyone knew of anything that I was not aware of

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