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Default thinking about a small, horizontal offset

Hey gang

I would like try my hand at a offset. I dont know why lol

I dont need anything big. And I do have a small budget for this, I have 3 other smokers as it is. I have modded Bradly (boring) and 2 WSM clones. I might end up selling the Bradley at some point.

While at Lowes looking for other stuff I saw they have a Ok Joe that seems to be built pretty hefty. Its $400, a little more than I want to spend but can live with that. $300 is more in my price range.

The only thing is its too big. Its just the wife and me (we are empty nesters) and only entertain once in a while. I think it would be a waste to do 1 slab of ribs on a cooker this size

All I need is the space to do a few slabs of ribs or 2 butts max with this unit. Usually I just do 1 slab or one butt at a time

So what I am looking for is a small cooker of decent quality that wont set me back too much. I have been looking at used but all I have found is junk, I am in no hurry with this so I can just keep looking

any ideas on a cooker like this?

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