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Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
How about buying one to find out? It's pretty crass to ask on a public forum how to
copy a commercial product. Just sayin'...

Apparently he misses the entire point of ripping someone off... because you do not want to buy one...

One... this IS a PUBLIC forum... I believe we all steal from everyone... someone else has already pointed out once again that means you too. But on this product, which you got free by the way, you seem to be a bit militant on your defense of the originality of the product. Hell, its not yours!

I hope the mods are enjoying their PBCs and all I care about is seeing some good vittles pictures of their cooks (with top secret parts dedacted in the photo of course) sheesh... this crap was going on even before I went into the hospital.

Two... No

THIS is Crass!

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