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I just had my second smoker probe start failing on mine, like you experienced they sent me a replacement when my first one went no questions asked, well see how the second one goes. I've only had mine for a month 4-5 cooks, not abusing the probes at all actually being careful with them. Think it just hit a bad production run... i don't know, I just want something reliable. Maybe at this price point Im asking too much.

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I just got my replacement food probe today from Maverick free of charge despite the fact that it failed after the expiration of the 90-day warranty. No hassle, no fight, heck... I didn't even need to ask for them to do it... I had actually called to order a new one and they just offered to send me a new one for free.

I'll tell you what... I have no qualms now about buying a second Maverick ET-732!
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