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Originally Posted by Jaybls View Post
Harry is on to something. Here's the science behind his technique: At 140F, a hold time of 35 minutes is necessary for chicken (with 12% fat) to be sufficiently pasteurized, and safe to eat. The leaner the chicken, the less time it has to be held. 1% fat requires 25 minutes at 140F to be safe. Chicken heated to 155F IT need only be held at that temp for 1 minute before it's "safe." Why then does the USDA suggest 165F? One reason is that's the temp Salmonella dies a quick death. Another, it's a "keep it simple" solution that most people can adhere to. If your thermometer is off, or you pull it off a little early - say 160F - you're still safe. I cook my chicken to 155-160F and it's perfect.
Where are those hold times coming from? The report that Gore linked above shows much lower times.

But, if we go with yours, they actually go against Harry's technique instead of showing that he is on to something. He's holding for significantly less than the 25 - 35 minute range that you indicate.

I'm not trying to be argumentative, but there is a lot of data flying around in this thread and it needs to be backed up by a source.
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