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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
Thanks, Gore... i was looking for that.

Actually, it goes against what harry says. He says in the comments at the BBQ Central site this...

Based on the chart that Knucklhed posted, the recommended time at 145 is 10.7 minutes.

But again, let's assume that chicken from a reliable, clean source is safe at that temp, and we as cooks are able to buy from a source like that. I still question the texture.
I didn't see or hear what he said, but the study seems to back him up. I don't think we're all in agreement about a reliable, clean source of chicken. From all I've read, the local farm that kills and preps their chickens themselves have about a 1 in 10,000 shot of being contaminated by salmonella, yet any of the big manufacturers that you get in your local supermarket have about a 1 in 3 shot of being contaminated. Yet it is the former that are considered to be unsafe and unreliable and the latter that are considered safe.
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