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Harry is on to something. Here's the science behind his technique: At 140F, a hold time of 35 minutes is necessary for chicken (with 12% fat) to be sufficiently pasteurized, and safe to eat. The leaner the chicken, the less time it has to be held. 1% fat requires 25 minutes at 140F to be safe. Chicken heated to 155F IT need only be held at that temp for 1 minute before it's "safe." Why then does the USDA suggest 165F? One reason is that's the temp Salmonella dies a quick death. Another, it's a "keep it simple" solution that most people can adhere to. If your thermometer is off, or you pull it off a little early - say 160F - you're still safe. I cook my chicken to 155-160F and it's perfect.
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