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Originally Posted by Q-Dat View Post
Don't just take Harry's word for it. Here on are a bunch of references from the USDA that back him up.
I couldn't find a way to see the full report for any of those, but I admit that I didn't try too hard But, it looks to me that only the last one is applicable. The first deals with salmonella growth in live poultry and the middle three deal with cooling of ground chicken.

Originally Posted by jlrichar View Post
As hard as this is to believe Harry has it right. Most meat temp recommendations are also paired with times. The higher the temp the shorter the time it needs to be there. Since Harry is keeping his foul at 145 for a full ten minutes that will kill salmonella, and most other things. I will try to find the chart I saw once that explains this better than my coffee deprived brain can.
OK, assume that Harry did the research and the various bacteria, etc. in chicken is killed by cooking to 145 and holding for at least 5 minutes. I still question the texture. Breasts at 155 are still somewhat rubbery and thighs at 165 are not as tender as they are at higher temps.

Plus, what does the juice from chicken at 145 (for 10 minutes) look like. KCBS judges are taught to look for clear juices and can refuse to eat an entry if the juices are pink. That's not a risk that I want to take.
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