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I am getting used to the Stoker as well. Bob has obviously done his homework and I wish I had asked the same question a month ago. Line by line all it true. I went with the stoker because if its expandability. It has 6 ports and you can run pit, temp,or fans from them. It doesn't matter where you plug them in. It automatically recognizes the probe because of the built in circuitry on the probe itself.

I wish it had the open pit sensor feature. Having to go back to manually cut the fan off is a bit of a pain, but I am a newb and probably in out trying to get everything situated. Network configuration is doable but a little bit aggravating.

As Bob noted the Cyber is a bit cheaper if you add the two other temp probes to the stoker unit, but I was able to extend my probes to 6 ft with one pit, temp, fan shipping included out the door for 361 which is "cheaper" than Cyber q.

Overall quality is solid and everything feels well built. Good luck with the decision. There really isn't a "bad" decision.
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