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I looked at both the BBQ Guru CyberQ WiFi and the Rock's Bar-B-Que Stoker.

I bought myself a CyberQ WiFi for Christmas with the 10 cfm Pit Viper fan and WSM adapter.

The CyberQ WiFi is basically a WiFi version of a DigiQ DX2 with 3 food probes.

I've done a few cooks on it and it works great.
Here is a mini review I did.

Here is the adapter mod I did to my WSMs.

I chose the CyberQ WiFi ATC system, but by all accounts the Stoker also works well.

The CyberQ WiFi can only control one pit at a time, though it does support three food probes.
The Stoker can simultaneously control more than one pit.
If you need multi pit capability, the Stoker is for you.

The CyberQ WiFi has Ad-Hoc mode, which allows you to easily configure and access it.
The problem is not all Android devices support Ad-Hoc mode. My Samsung Galaxy SIII does not support Ad-Hoc mode.
The Stoker has an ethernet jack allowing you to wire it to an ethernet switch with a patch cord for easy configuration.

Both units can be manually configured from the front panel.

Both units have a backlit LCD display.

Both units support full wireless LAN and internet operation.

Both units have a built in web interface.

Both units have food and pit alarms.

The CyberQ WiFi has a plastic case with a built in antenna.
The Stoker has a metal case with an external antenna.

The CyberQ WiFi sends alert e-mails.
The Stoker sends alert tweets to your Twitter account.

The CyberQ WiFi fan has a manual damper.
The Stoker fan has an automatic close/open damper.

The CyberQ fan is easier to install and remove from it's fan adapter and comes with a kill plug.
The Stoker fan adapter is a better design, IMHO.

The CyberQ WiFi has automatic open pit detection.
The Stoker has a manual open pit timer.

The CyberQ WiFi has a ramp cooking mode.

The Stoker is harder to configure than the CyberQ WiFi. This is partly due to the fact it supports multi pit operation.

The Stoker has more aftermarket software support than the CyberQ Wifi. This is mainly due to the fact it's been around longer.

The Stoker comes with 1 - 4' pit probe and 1 - 4' food probe.
The CyberQ WiFi comes with 1 - 6' pit probe, 3 - 6' food probes and a mounting bracket.
Both come with an AC adapter.
Both are sold in systems with various pit adapters and fan sizes.

For a comparable system, the CyberQ WiFi is less expensive than the Stoker.

All the information I have on the Stoker, I got from reading the owners manual and from forum discussions and reviews.
I own and have used a CyberQ WiFi, so I am much more familiar with it.
If I've left out or erred on anything, Stoker owners please elucidate.

Good luck.

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