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somebody shut me the fark up.
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By the sounds of things your just getting your feet wet so keep it simple. 50/50 Kosher salt & course black pepper 10% granulated garlic. Pit at 300 deg the bones will finish in about 3-4 passing the *bend test brush with sauce give i 15 min to set up.
*Bend test

For the brisket( get a packer) trim off the HARD fat apply your rub( see above) on the pit point to the fire box. At 300 your looking at about 45 min lb but that is just a very rough estimate based on experience YMMV the brisket is done when it passes the* poke test.
*Poke Test> use a skewer or a thermo probe when it slides in like a hot knife cutting soft butter it's done. Do your testing in the flat as it is the last to finish. Good luck!
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