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Originally Posted by Arlin_MacRae View Post
I got mine yesterday and don't even have pron yet, but I thawed out some wibs and they'll be hanging in there soon as a first cook.

I'll tell ya, from where I'm sitting the PBC seems to be a simple tool. (Free, too! Thanks, Pooh, that was TOO farking cool). Build quality is excellent and the Brethren label is beyond cool.

I'm looking at it and realize there are few parts and no adjustments to make during either assembly or cooking. And there's no thermometer hole.


The more I read about the thing the more uneasy I got, in spite of some great press by Patio Daddio, whom I respect. I've tried one of those Brinkmann bullets. Twice. One I threw away and the other I never used again but kept, only because it was (is) my wife's. I'm no good with fixed intake and vents. Gimme something to tweak, man!

No'm supposed to just let this thing run without me knowing what it's doing...with no way to adjust it... Yeah right! (sigh)

Well, I've always considered cooking to be an adventure, and BBQ is no exception. So I'll fill a basket with hot coals, hang some meat, close it up and walk away. A few feet... We'll see in a day or so just what this beastie is all about.
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