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I just grabbed the tax exempt form from the company I work for and my business card and headed down there. Told them that we do a lot of entertaining clients (we are no way related to the restaurant biz) and needed an account. I also told them that I was in a purchasing position (technically I am since I am the GM). They had no problem with that and I got my membership.

To be honest, after shopping there a couple of times, I don't see a huge amount of value in shopping there. I have not seen the meat quality to be better than what I can get at Sams or Costco. Everything is in such large putups, that it doesn't work for me. Everything is in bulk and I just don't need all of that. I honestly do not see any cost savings over Sams or Costco.

That said, it is cool to walk through there anyway, so I will be there tomorrow morning seeing if there is anything there that I cannot live without. I was planning on buying a large pack of ribs there, but I just read that loin back and St Louis ribs are on sale at HEB for under $2/lb, so we will see what's up.

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