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Originally Posted by buccaneer View Post
The only reason I haven't been posting advice is because I am not sure of what you are looking for Mo Dave.
What will the knife be used for, what jobs will it do?
Do you ant people to gasp and go"ooooh wow" when they see it?
I'm not kidding, that is very important for a lot of knife buyers, don't be shy about what you want!
Do you want a mix of beauty and efficiency or would you rather a dedicated design that is purely functional?
Rounded handle or rectangular, any preference?
All things are possible.
I have two excellent high carbon knives I bought for TFO, under 9 bucks with plastic handles( I bought them over the counter in Japan) and they are remarkably good.
Same itch penguin and kiwi brands, good disposable choices.
Just let me know and I'll try to be helpful
Bucc I already bought the 7 1/2 Satsuma knife-tosagata. It is a white steel base knife but I do not know of what quality. It is a cheap knife at 37.00 so I am not really expecting high quality, and as much as I would love to someday own a beautiful high end knife it is just not in the cards at this time. Just looking for an all around utility, at this time. This should give me an idea if I like this type of knives and if I mite order more of a higher quality sometime. I also ordered the stone you posted about a few day ago, and now am looking for recommendations for a sharpening steel. Here is the site I got the knife from.

On a different note, this should make some get a snicker. I went totally redneck by taking an old Lansky sharpening set and turned it into a makeshift Wicked Edge. Mounted the clamping jaws up right to a block of wood, with the angle guides on either side, this is attached to a stand tall enough for the rods to move up and down without hitting the base.

I used this last night on a couple knives, I only have one set of stones so I can only do one side at a time and that is fine, then I finished them with a leather strop on a belt sander, with polishing past,and damn they are cutting hair with no problem. They are so sharp that when I cut into something like a tomato or grapefruit the blade wants to stick to the board which in this case is bamboo. If I can muster up some courage I may post a pic but I don't want to be a bad influence on others.
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