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I would say, that a good rub to start out with is about 50/50 kosher salt and medium grind black pepper. If you want to get fancy, then 40/40 salt and pepper and 10/10 granulated garlic and chile powder.

Yes, if you smoke the meat for at least to the point it gets good color, then move it to the oven, you can get good results. I smoke until the color is almost right, then wrap in two layers of butcher paper, pop in a large pan and into the oven. The pan is just to prevent clean up issues if the paper leaks.

my preferred way...
Use a whole packer, in the 12 to 14 pound range, simple rub. Then fire the cooker (I use a UDS) and run it around 275F to 280F. I will often place the meat, unwrapped on the cooker at 225F and let the temperature run up to 270F, adjust the vents and try to hold it at 280F. Once the meat has been on for around 2 hours, I check for color, if it is a nice deep red, with some darker spots, I wrap. If not, I wait until it is, then I wrap, with two layers of butcher paper. Run in the smoker until the flat probes very tender. Remove and pop in 195F oven or into a cooler for at least 2 hours. Total time in cooker is often between 7 and 9 hours. I usually start my cook allowing for 12 hours total to serving.
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