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I mean no offense to anyone. My point would be the same in any work discipline. With all that some of us have invested, it does stimulate me to point out the things I did. I did use a barrel for cooking , in the upright uds manner at a huge contest in the late '80's when my cookers were somehow lost. However, there was another guy cooking on barrels too, named Snail, which I think was around early '90's in the KC area. He is one of the originals that's on you tube with long hair and beard. Point is when I did research about upright barrel or drum cookers, they, though not common have been existence for a very long time. Horizontal types even longer. I did not invent anything other than my design, period. If one looks up KC Can Crew, you will see some fantastic results. That's their product and and am truly happy for them. Just an example. Many, many others.The new player out west has come on strong and I respect him for that. Plenty of room for all. As far as building recon units, my concern is what had been in the unit before and won't be rid of by burning or blasting. Metal has more properties than most realize. Many times a needless worry, but as a business... Unless one knows is my point. Whether across the street or thousands of miles away, peoples safety and awareness is my main point. Oh, and thanks SmokinJohn for using another way to say it. Thank you Skidder for kind words about our work, we try very hard. Steve.
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