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Originally Posted by Skidder View Post
I here where your coming from and understand if it's not made right or safe but it seems like your coming across kinda harsh. It almost sounds like you think you invented the drum and are pissed that everyone else is using it. Maybe I'm taking your comments wrong and if I am I apologize. I mean absolutely no disrespect to you or your business but there are a ton of great drums out there that are clean and safe and should be sold to someone as long as it's done correctly. Am I wrong?Why can't a person build one safely and sell it for a quick buck? And I only mean that if it's done right. I'm sure some one making one a thousand miles away and selling it won't hurt your business a bit. Plus your intake design (as nice as it is) is pretty much not doable for most. Though you do do nice work and I commend you on that.

You need to grow some bark.

I don't think the comments were harsh. I understand where they they are coming from though. Let me try it from a different angle.

Many of us on the forum are artisans of some sort in other disciplines (welding, woodworking, IT, fabrication, etc) BESIDES smoking food.

When new people come into the field and undercut prices with substandard products (and I'm not saying this is you, o.k.?), it damages the reputation (and wallets) of everyone else.

For example, I have an ATC on the drawing board that has more features than any other ATC with the exception of the Stoker, but at a $190-$250 price point. All I have left to do is test it.

Now if I find a way to make them for $10 and sell them for $20, I would kill off the competitors. But why do that when I can price them in the middle of the pack and let everyone make money?
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