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Originally Posted by ssbbqguy View Post
Building them for who is a big thought. I make and sell my design, which is not ugly or cheap. I treat this as a real business , because it is. That means I have to pay for things that the average builder at home doesn't know or care about. There are many other factors that come into play, such as product liability with or without insurance and our now over litigous society. That being said, when it comes to building for the public, it's a whole different ballgame. I too have seen and questioned-exposed many builders, when their adverising caught my eye on things like lining still in and selling, cheap re-conditoned units from unknown sources and many other things. The old saying , in my case is you get what you pay for. I sell quality units that are new-extra thick in origin, are all powder- coated, firebrick lined and have a high airflow intake and flue system. The new and coated part starts us off way over a couple of hundred to start with let alone all the other components that make my smokers what they are. I now have to raise my prices because of huge cost increases. Can't, as much as I'd like to, sell without profit. Not to be misunderstood, if you want to build for the public, do it right or don't mess with it. Many people have been ripped off buying junk and even my basic design is being sold without my authorization. It's only a matter of time where that will be dealt with in a not so kind manner. Same idea about this as I have about part time catering and vending. When one has to ask basic questions, they shouldn't do it, period. It only takes once to affect many and it devalues the legit product and methods established by reputable companies that are doing it right. To be clear, I have no issues with building for yourselves and friends. I sell components to help do that. Mass quanities , call a company that should be supported. There was a guy selling $5.oo paper thin apple juice barrels, lined, with one rack so called smokers on our local CL for $100.00. When I asked about the lining, he said he hadn't even thought of that! I sure hope the people he involved were lucky enough to be able to try again. Anyone that knows me knows I will help most anyone that needs or asks, just don't disrespect or steal from me and expect fun times. Steve.
I here where your coming from and understand if it's not made right or safe but it seems like your coming across kinda harsh. It almost sounds like you think you invented the drum and are pissed that everyone else is using it. Maybe I'm taking your comments wrong and if I am I apologize. I mean absolutely no disrespect to you or your business but there are a ton of great drums out there that are clean and safe and should be sold to someone as long as it's done correctly. Am I wrong?Why can't a person build one safely and sell it for a quick buck? And I only mean that if it's done right. I'm sure some one making one a thousand miles away and selling it won't hurt your business a bit. Plus your intake design (as nice as it is) is pretty much not doable for most. Though you do do nice work and I commend you on that.
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