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I have a resellers cert and applied online. supposedly all I had to do was show up and get our cards. Last Sunday we went and were told that no, we had to apply in-store also. I had the KCBS coupon printed out and with me as a backup, and when I told the girl I didnt understand why I wasted my time applying online when I had to do it again in the store she cheerfully gave us a day pass without me even needing the KCBS info. I would print the coupon off the KCBS site and take it in. If they refuse, call KCBS while standing at the counter.

As a side note, after we got home I remembered RD had sent an email with my member number that I was supposed to take in, so the issue was my fault, not theirs. But we still got in and was able to get a smoking deal on a couple butts. 99 cents a lb!! I got to talking to the meat manager and told him I was looking for a good supplier as we are starting to cater, and soon compete. He knocked the price down on a twin pack to convince us to sample their product
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