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Default My first PRON for the Brethren- Pork Butts

Not sure if this is going to work or not. Trying to imbed a youtube video with this post. If it does, great, if not just click on the link.

Last Saturday we catered the meat and beans for a friends birthday party. Two 8lb butts (raw weight), and a big 'ole pot of home made beans (nothing we do is store bought, all from scratch including rubs and sauces) for about 20 people. Must of been a hit as there was only enough left over for 2 sammies. In fact, I just heard from the birthday girl and she is not only paying for another butt for this Saturday for herself, she is furnishing a second butt for us to do for ourselves!

Here is a video of the pull. This has to be one of the best butts we have done in a long time! There are other videos there of the whole process, including the rub and recipe in the video notes.

This is only the second time I have foiled a butt, but from now on they all get foiled!
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