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Default What happen to my butt???

Last weekend I cook a 8 pound pork butt.
I was cooking it around an average temperature of 280 degrees on my Akron and I was cooking it without using any foil.

After about 4 hours or so I took the internal temperature of the butt. My instant read thermometer slid in nice and easy but the internal temp was about 170. Having been cooking for several years now I knew that everything looked and felt correct so far but it still needed to cook.

After another hour had pasted I check the temperature again. This time the probe slid in a little harder and the internal was around 180 degrees. I was not worried at first but after another hour went by and I checked the temperature again the probe slid in even harder. The internal was around 185 but each time I stuck the butt my thermometer would slide in harder and harder for some reason.

I finally pulled the butt off when the internal temperature was around 195. When it hit this mark I probed the butt in several different locations and the probe was meeting some resistance at each spot. This is something that I have never experiencing before at this temperature. Normally the probe will slide in like a hot knife through butter but not this time.

The flavor was good but it lacked for a better word a "pork flavor". It was moist and had a nice texture while chewing it.

What I do not understand is why did the probe slide in harder each time I checked the temperature of the meat? Anyone have any suggestions?

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