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Well, now I have another decision. I was looking through my notes and completely forgot about a local place that sells reconditioned drums. I called them and for an unlined (but outside painted) drum and lid its $23. For a bare unlined and unpainted drum its $13 with lid.

I know my weber lid probably wouldnt fit anymore like it does the one I have now, paying $25 for sandblasting and already $15 in the current barrel, I should probably re-sell it and get the one ready to use and save money in the end.

@ J-rod - The main reason for the weber lid is having 2 grates. I am planning to make the drum lid and weber lid usable for the smoker. When I need 2 shelves use weber, all other times use drum lid. I will just see how it goes with the weber lid, if I dont like it I wont use it, nothing lost there it was free.
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