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Default To the Jambo Owners: Jambo (offset not-reverse) vs. other reverse flow offsets (Lang, Bubba Grills, etc.)

To the Jambo users:

I'm trying to understand why it's said to be so much better a smoker than say one of the reverse flow smokers.

I do understand the insulated piece; I get it. That certainly is a factor. Luckily for me I'm down here in the south where it makes a difference, but not nearly the difference if I were located up north...

I'm sure it's probably welded better, and the quality of workmanship shows. I get that.

There's the look of them, and boy do they ever stand out.

But, to the cooking. As they're not reverse flow, dont they have some of the hot (and cool) spots like other non-reverse-flow smokers?

Smoke "balance" across the grate and smoker? Some other non-reverse-flow smokers I've used also had smoke hot spots if you will. Mind you, they weren't Jambo's!

I'm curious. I'd love your opinion, pluses and minuses.

I've smoked on both Bubba Grills smokers and have my own Lang 1160, which come to find out is probably the earliest version 1 of an 84. I love the reverse flow aspect and all that brings. I can cook a whole hog on it, or load it up with shoulders and ribs like no tomorrow.
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