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Originally Posted by Pappy Q View Post
It's all about fire management. I've had a Lang and Jambo, Lang is a good cooker, Jambo is a great cooker. About impossible to over smoke using a Jambo...well maybe if you had absolutely no idea what you were doing and in that case you have no business wasting your money on one.
Originally Posted by I like Bigbutts View Post
Love my Jambo, dry wood, small fire equals not much smoke in my experience. Others more experienced on here will probably have more in depth advice......
Originally Posted by Smokin' D View Post
Lang 48 here. Stick burners require a LOT more air to work right and so you have a live fire burning with a high air flow which does not produce very much smoke. A drum, WSM or any other charcoal cooker uses a smoldering fire and a restricted airflow, much easier to over-smoke with one of these.
Lang user here - multiple sizes.

What they said. ^^^^ Stickburners require a few fire management techniques.
1. Working a small, hot fire.
2. Using properly dried wood as fuel.
3. Plenty of air flow (intake/exhaust) to keep the fire burning clean.
4. Feeding the fire on a frequent basis.

Using the combination will leave a barely visible Thin Blue Smoke - the goal of the objective.
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