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Originally Posted by charrederhead View Post
Wow! This may be the answer to my current garden dilemma. I've been wanting to make seriously raised beds- about 4' high, and have constructed frames made out of 12' long, 4' high skids. I was going to fill them w/ composted manure, but was wondering how to contain all that soil, given the space (~4") between the skid slats, w/ a non-rotting material. I had figured on screwing wonderboard to the skids for walls, but now....this is cool. I've got a bunch of rotting rounds and other brush, tons of leaves, etc., that can be put to use. I'm gonna look into this. Thanks for sharing.

My own experience with raised beds has been very good. I have used rough sawn cedar boards, and have been very happy with the results.

The two main advantages of raised beds, from my own experience, is that you can fill the raised beds with good soil, and you get good drainage. Good drainage means you have moist roots, but not waterlogged roots.

Of course, whether or not you need raised beds depends on your native soil. Talk to a certified gardener (what they are called down here) before starting a garden. This is a worldwide forum. What works for me in Dallas is not likely to to work for you in Connecticut. You need to get advice that is tailored to your location.

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