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Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
What, it's not gold plated? You can't put that on the patio of any of the mod mansions. Maybe on the deck of the mod chalet in Tahoe. Maybe.

Oh, wait a minute. I get it now. They gave them to you, didn't they. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Say no more.

Nope.. sorry, bought them with kingsford discount. Same as everyone else.

Originally Posted by Midnight Smoke View Post
Say it is not so... long term results will prove this is not going to ever be the case unless someone does not know how to use the BGE. I think we can agree that the PBC is not ever going to be any better than the BGE in regards to final product. Chicken cooked right is good Chicken regardless on what it is cooked on. I can make great Chicken cooked over hot rocks, it's all about technique and seasoning.

Second as admitted, the PBC may not be so great as a grill, the BGE is without a doubt one of the most versatile BBQ cookers made, including everything from Low-n-Slo to Grilling, Pizza (can the PBC do Pizza?) to everything in between.

I really just do not get it, the UDS, PBC thing. The two are like long lost red headed twin step brothers, not a lot of difference between the two in regards to operation, only looks.

There is a fine line between truth, incentives and taste preferences... I will now hide out for fear of the blind A$$ kissing that may follow.

And BTW, you Mod's should be very appreciative of the late Christmas gifts from Santa, one time I would like to be in your shoes..

you misread my post..

the PBC will never replace my BGE(or anyones).. steaks, pizza, temperature control, grilling in general.. the BGE is it. The BGE is versatile, (I do NOT use my bge for low and slow. I have too many pits for that.) The PBC does just one thing. It locked in at 278.. did not budge, and theres no setting to mess with that will let you control temps.. it is what it is.. period.. unless you whip out a screwdriver and change factory settings. I'm not messing with it.. its not why I bought it. Folks say you can grill on it.. but i have a BGE for that, so I wont use PBC for that much either.

but what i did say, is it will [b[replace my go to for chicken.. [/B].... hang 2-3 birds and walk away for 2 hours. I used to do that in my WSM, then moved to doing it in the BGE with the plate setter, but we prefer the flavor of the PBC, over the WSM and BGE, probably due to the grilling/sizzling/direct heat effect absent when using a plate setter or wsm w/water pan. The family liked the 'roasted' flavor over 'smoked'.

I do not have a UDS, probably never will, so have no comment, and I did not make a comparison.

and im not sure what you mean by truth vs incentive, or what/if your insinuating, but my first impression is . I used the kingsford discount to purchase these, the same way(and $) as everyone else, and Noah was good enough to put our logo on it. Would u like to see the invoice? I post my opinions, unbiased, which I am entitled to like any other member.

I started a seperate thread for a reason. I did not want our PBCs to be get stuck in the comparisons in the other thread.. Let the other thread analyze the PBC. This thread was to share the gifts to the mods and my impression of the PBC.. I dont care if its a wsm, a uds, or a BDS, or whatever.. in my pit, they all stand on their own. I will use the pbc straight out of the box. Im using it the way its designed.. set and forget with no other thoughts. If I want to tinker and diddle, or change temps, cook higher or lower, or cook more, or use wood, etc..I have 12 other pits for that.

and BTW, I know how to use an egg.
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