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Full set up out da box! Stout, sturdy, and sharp!

Brethren Baby! MADE IN USA! Nuff sed!

The "hooks!" BTW, I really liked the rubs. Very robust!

I just could NOT do lighter fluid. Minion will RAWK your PBC too! Trust me. 15 mins and it was good to go after dumping the hot coals.

Hangin meat. There IS something to it! Rebar is also coated. Cleaned up with the wipe of a rag.

Exhaust...........perfect. One small issue. The high temp adhesive held for a while. Once it got hot the, ends of the "tramp stamp" as we have called it, pulled up a bit. I took it off so that the adhesive tape wouldn't burn and stick. I love self tapping screws. Took care of the issue. The Brethren Stamp is flat and when you put that on a rounded surface, you have opposing forces going on! That's why the stamp is not on it.\


Ribs with half arse foil job and 5 hot links......the other one made its way to the Hot Dog TD!

Sleep walking Cub Scout waiting for his dinner!
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