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Originally Posted by BBQMaverick View Post
Good video. I like how you scored the loin.

I'm not as experienced as PT but the one thing I have had success with is using different size wooden spoons to increase my cut if needed (won't tend to cut out to the side like he said) especially if I am stuffing with something other than a sausage link.

Looks like Thirdeye is the expert there. I wanted to do some videos that are kind of entry level... and shoving in a sausage into a pre scored hole like that is as easy as pie.

If you remember, when I did the laydown, that too was kind of a "do it this way, shove some sausge in it, smoke it, then improve later at your own pace" too.

I have seen some great loins here... but this was a simple (although kind of funny) way.

a few tips are... use realy flavorful sausages... not polish, but chappel hill garlic, jalapeno, chorizo and the like.. or of course italian.... but Boudan I didn't like.

Also, I didn't show it but poking the sausage with a toothpick or fork along it sides allows more efficent basting. There is a big difference!

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