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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
So after the big saturday of splitting wood, I've enough hickory to last me a good long while. The only problem I have now is how to get it cut down to chunks that are usable in my cookers. I've pondered a few of the possibilities and haven't come up with a good way to do it. Power tools WILL be involved though!

Are there any brethren out there that have done this before? How did you get your splits cut down into chunks? Let it be know, I do not currently have access to a chain saw nor would I want to try to cut hundreds of 3" pieces with one..

I do have, however, a small (12" I think) miter saw, jigsaw(not that it would do much good), and hand grinder with wood cutting blade. Anybody think I could make due with just those?
I would watch this beginning shows miter

I cut my wood (rounds) to size and then split with a maul. If you want certain size chunks (2"-5" or larger) cut your rounds to that size and split into chunks. I get my chunks from what I call disk cuts. You don't drop a tree at the very bottom or right next to the ground. Cut it down at a safe working distance lets say 2-3 ft above the ground and cut your disks off that or large limbs or where you get to a lot of knots in you logs.

Be careful and wear safety equipment.
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