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Default Freezer Clean Out: Help Me Decide

The freezer in my garage is currently so packed to the gills that anytime I open the door vacuum sealed assassins come flying out at me and try to break my feet. I believe this is a sign that I need to stop neglecting the freezer when it comes to meal planning over the next few weeks.

I'm in the mood to do some smoking this weekend but can't decide where to start so I thought I'd let the Brethren choose for me.

After a quick inventory last night I've got a picnic shoulder, 4 lb Chuck and 2 racks of spares, 8 lbs of bacon, fully cooked carved and sealed turkey, half dozen chicken carcasses, two meat loafs, several packages of sliced smoked ham, package of 4 pork steaks, 1 nice looking ribeye, flash frozen fish filets and assorted other items which I couldn't quite recognize. I think it best to start with the big ticket items and like I said earlier, I'm in the mood to a decent length cook this weekend.

Cast your vote and let me know what I'm cooking.
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