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Originally Posted by GARNAAL View Post
well - I am in the process of following..

the Carne Salata is done and came out excellent!!

the whole Ham is still in progress...
one bad thing happened this week -
my little college fridge ( A peltier type cooler) I was using to dry the ham crooked up.. after drying the ~ 15 lbs ham for ~ 3 weeks..
(this is the 2nd peltier type cooler that died on me in about 3 years after ~ 1 1/2 year use..)
luckily I cought it in time - the day it happened - and decided to get a new 2.7 ft black and decker - compressor type small fridge at walmart ...
I'm wondering about the humidity level in the new fridge also - guess I'll find out.. at the lowest thermostat setting this thing runs at ~ 60 F looking at the humidity meter after one day it's somewhere close to 70 % RH...

time will tell - i'm keeping an eye on my ham - every day.. for now..
also waiting for a 120V 120 mm fan to arrive, which I will install in the fridge to create some air movement in there to facilitate the drying process a bit..

I have a controller that runs a chest freezer as a fridge and I can adjust it in .01 increments,but how do you test your Humidity?
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