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Originally Posted by lkissell View Post
After reading all of the back and forth regarding the Pit Barrel Cooker I thought I'd throw out my two cents.

I went ahead and ordered one to add some additional smoking capacity to my back deck, and the $104 off coupon code sealed the deal. The cooker arrived a few days ago (4 days after ordering), and it is a quality product. Well made, well packaged, and easy to set up.

For my fist cook I prepared Tri Tip. It was very good. Not the best I've ever made, but very tasty.

Last night I cooked two chicken halves and it was the best chicken I've ever made. Very tender, juicy and flavorful.

This weekend will be ribs (with pron).

I realize that this cooker isn't for everyone, but it definitely fills a niche in my backyard.

It's very simple to use and so far my results have been great. For me it will be my go-to chicken cooker, and for that alone it was worth the investment.
That's exactly what I explain to people when they come over to our house and ask why I have SO many different grills, smokers, griddles, plow discs, etc! Each one has it's own least to me any way! I can see the PBC filling a niche!
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