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Default UDS Build - My weber lid fits without modification?

I have a spare Weber lid and I kind of wanted to build a UDS and see what all the fuss is about, plus have a smoker that I can take with me places without much effort. I came across a reasonable priced barrel that was used for apple juice concentrate and brought it home this past weekend. I havent burned it out yet, but I did want to see how much modification I would have to do on the lid. It fits right on there like Weber made the barrel.

Is that unusual? I had been reading a couple of days on cutting the weber bottom of and adding to the drum, using metal strap, flatten the lip, etc... So I put the barrel top on the weber, its a perfect match also. I just thought was strange because I havent found any other threads saying theirs fit, so maybe I am missing something, but I dont know how it could fit any better than it does?

Mine has a yellowish tan liner in it, does it burn out easily? I am going to hit it with 2-3 pallets and I do have a weed burner also.

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