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Originally Posted by devnull View Post
I cooked a 13.5LB Brisket in the barrel this week Saturday. Total cook was about 6 and a half hours. After the brisket was done I noticed the pit was about done on fuel (I had about another 30-45mins of cooking guess). I live in Northwest Iowa and it was about 20-25 degrees outside with moderate wind.

Here are a couple pictures, started life as a cheap excell packer from wal-mart. Turned out really good, nothing was burnt and it was moist and tender.

Hooked and cooked up to 160 then wrapped and ran it up to just over 200 when it probed tender. Not sure how long it would take without foil...but I usually use foil so for me that's not a problem.

After about an hour in the Barrel.

Pulled at 160 to wrap

Slicing the flat

A few things I noticed, there is a spot about a 4" circle directly under the brisket that did not burn well from drips, I question the ability to cook more than 1 brisket at a time even though there would be room for 2-3. I'm not sure but do plan to try it in the next couple weeks.

Hope this information helps anyone who questions, I have only cooked chicken and brisket on it so far (I have had it a little over a week).

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