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I like the format of season 1. I quit watching after the second episode of the second season because it was stupid. I've watched a couple episodes of this season and it's made me interested in watching again. I cooked at the event when they were in Texas (Bedford Blues Fest) and found it to be annoying that they were there and not competing with us. Also DivaQ was there filming her show and that was annoying as well. I think by following a specific team around, the film crews will learn how to coexist with the team that they're following and stay out of the other competitors ways. In the current format, they park the RV right in the middle of the competition field and make us have to deal with them, instead of vice-versa like it should be.

I do, however, think that they should "make" the teams compete in different formats. KCBS, ICBA, and all the other ones. The competition scene is so vastly different across the country that it would be nice to showcase all of them.
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